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By Alex Terranova


Coaching is a conversation; a way to look at and reflect on your own life. A way to figure out what's getting in your way, what's preventing you from forging happiness, from living the life you deserve, from reaching your goals and building your dreams.  


   "If you want your life to change, you have to change."


Let's have the conversation that could change your life.

My clients and I work together to utilize an honest, open-minded, positive, and inspirational approach to navigating business,

health, life, stress, and relationships by first looking at who you are “being”, who you want to be, and how you show up in your personal and professional life.


We build a foundation of well-being and integrity, and use that to attack challenges head-on, develop awareness around what's in the way, and create a plan to support you in showing up powerfully in any and all situations to produce the results you deeply desire.

Benefits of working together include:​​

  • Creating definable and measurable goals and achieving them.

  • Developing a roadmap and action plan to generate desired results.

  • Identifying stops, self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors.

  • Generating power, velocity, confidence, and inspiration.

  • Operating in spite of fear.

  • Enhancing creativity.

  • Developing communication & leadership skills.

  • Recreating relationships.

  • Improving wellbeing.

  • Falling in love with yourself.