Alchemy of Men

ReImagining Men's Work
Because everything you have been taught about being a man is a lie!
You will talk about your life as BEFORE & AFTER this experience!

October 27th-30th 2022
Ashton, Idaho

(4pm Thursday - 12pm Sunday)
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We have been taught MEN ARE defined by:
How much money you make!
Who you are dating/sleeping with!
The home you own!
Your job title!
The car you drive!
Or maybe, whose ass you can kick!
And while you are often winning in these areas, why do you still feel so
  • Burned out & Stressed out
  • That your success is never enough
  • Not clear about what you want
  • Disconnected and suffering in your relationships 
  • Confused about what your partner wants and needs\
  • Unhappy & Uninspired
  • Not great about your overall health
  • That you need to numb out with (work, booze, drugs, porn, sports, and tv)
  • That your relationships with other men lacks depth
And no matter how much money you make, the titles, accomplishments, and accolades you receive, your life has become stale, stressful, and without passion or a sense of joy or purpose.  

Often you don't feel present!

You might not even know what you are missing out on.

But you are losing the war being waged in your life for joy, peace, connection, and fulfillment!

YOU can't escape;
  • The never-ending need to consistantly achieve and produce results
  • The difficulty and discomfort you experience when trying to feel or express your emotions
  • The ups and downs of feeling good when you win but feeling like a loser when you don't
  • the fear that you might be just like your father
  • The frustrations that come up in trying to communicate deeply with your partner
  • Surface-level conversations with your friends about sports, business, and life.

And all of this is keeping you from making more
MONEY, enjoying FULFILLING RELATIONSHIPS, having HOTTER PASSIONATE SEX, bringing EXPANSIVE LEADERSHIP to your business, participating in FUN & INSPIRING FRIENDSHIPS, and an overall sense of PEACE, EXCITEMENT, and JOY in your daily life!
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As men we have never looked at, examined, or been taught what it means to be a man in any way that is empowering, loving, joyful, healthy, fun, and connecting!

We were taught
  • To walk it off
  • To succeed, work harder
  • Real men have a lot of sex & don't get attached
  • To avoid or fight what scares us.
  • To numb and avoid what feels emotional.
  • Crying is for girls
  • Men get angry not sad
  • Successful men make a lot of money
  • Asking for help makes you weak
  • To ignore our past hurt, to close our hearts, and to avoid pain.
And as a result of all this, we have lost what makes us whole, complete, and powerful.

It's time we start creating our journey back to the man you know yourself to be!
Bob Conlin and Alex Terranova have felt this way too.  Trapped, stuck, and uninspired by how they are supposed to show up as men.  How they are supposed to succeed, be happy, find and navigate love.
While they came from wildly differerent pasts and were formed by vastly different experiences, they each found themselves at a breaking point.


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Bob and Alex have crafted a weekend that will allow men to let go of their stress, disconnect from their lives and responsibilities, and find a sense of peace, fun, and connection.

Men will have the freedom and space to move, breathe, share, and explore nature. Through this experience, they'll discover the ways they've been taught to be men often make their lives harder, and keep them from the money, love, sex, friendships, and happiness they desire!
Men will learn and create for themselves:
  • to relax, have some fun, leave life behind, and enjoy themselves in nature
  • what it looks & feels like to have command & confidence in business & relationships
  • to release the ideas of being defined by money & career success
  • to discover and express what they want with no pressure of work, family, or social media
  • to stop second-guessing themselves and learn to make powerful decisions and choices
  • to create healthy powerful boundaries with themselves and others
  • to create empowered bonds, receive support, with other like-minded men
  • to design and build what a great life would look like and feel like
  • to get crystal clear on their commitments and goals
  • to discover what beliefs about themselves and life are holding them back in business and relationships
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Unfortunately society teaches us we will be defined by how much you make, what you do, what you drive, or who you are dating/sleeping with…




You will recreate, redesign, and construct a life and the man you are based on your heart, your desires, and your commitments. 

One way will always leave you feeling empty, unfulfilled, exhausted, disconnected, and unhappy.

The other will leave you feeling alive, joyful, in love, full of life, and happy to get up and live and connect with those who matter to you.

That choice is yours to make…

This 3 Night, 3 Day all-inclusive retreat includes:

Spots are limited


  • Private Chef

  • All Meals, Beverages & Snacks fully provided

  • A Luxurious Cabin on 40+ acres and a river  -

    • All Lodging Provided - Rooms are set for men to have their own room or to share with one other man

  • Continued integration & Support with Bob and Alex for 90 Days post retreat

  • (3) Three 90-Minute Zoom Group Coaching & Support Calls (One per month for three months) post retreat

  • Group Voxer Support, Community, and Integration for 4 months (1 month prior to retreat, and 3 months post) with Bob, Alex, and the entire community of men

  • Various workshops, experiences and exploration in nature, and down time to relax

Bonus Offerings:

  • Free Signed Copy of Alex’s book Fictional Authenticity & his Co-Authored Redefining Masculinity

  • Free Signed Copy of Bob’s book Why Your Relationships Suck

  • Free 60-minute Relationship Assessment Call with Bob & Shona - We Meet Again Coaching

  • Discounted Enrollment into Alchemy of Men Monthly Group Program

  • Additional Opportunities to work with Bob or Alex 1on1 or in Group format is also available

  • And Other Surprise Bonuses

Total Value $12,599

Your Price $5,999  - 3 Payments of $1,999

OR SAVE $1,000 by Paying in Full $4,999

  • Cost of Airline Flights and Transportation to Retreat Location is not included

(Spots are Limited)

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Alex Terranova40
San Diego, CA
Recovering Asshole
Biggest Fear: Disappointing the people he loves
Biggest Commitment: To Add Value Everywhere
Bob Conlin, 44
Chicago, IL
Recovering Addict
Biggest Fear: Not seeing his son become a man
Biggest Commitment: Reparenting my inner child
Alex Terranova’s relationship with men and masculinity was formed and cemented early.

At a young age seeing his Dad's anger firsthand, he learned emotions are weak, volatile, and hurtful, so we are better off without them. One of his favorite mottos, "a person that can't control their emotions can't control their life. Emotions are a weak link." At the same time, he 
became obsessed with his Italian heritage and linked himself to the power, heartlessness, and fearlessness that Italian men in mafia movies owned. That coupled with what he saw in the 80s and 90's media characters surrounding the bad boy who used the charisma, their looks, and swag always to get the girl, a harrowing, cool guy emerged. Alex followed this path to a successful career in the Hospitality Industry, with too many hot failed relationships with women, an obsession with his looks, and a complete disregard for connection, happiness, or fulfillment.  
At 32 years old, while sitting in a restaurant with his family in Costa Rica, his cousin asked everyone what they were grateful for. As everyone answered, a well of emotions erupted inside of Alex. It was as if, in a moment, he woke up and realized his whole life and everything he had worked so hard to create was a lie…

Since 2015 Alex has transformed his life into one of Integrity, Love, Play, Spirit, and providing value! Through years of working with coaches, and therapists, the year-long transformation program he did with Accomplishment Coaching or the Landmark courses, Alex successfully transformed his life and relationships. As a Personal and Professional Performance Alchemist & Coach, 2x author (Fictional Authenticity; Release Your Past, Start Living Your Real Life, and Redefining masculinity) with a third book on the way, How Dreams Are Built, a podcast host (The DreamMason Podcast, The Frequency Shifters Show, The Coaching Show, and Playing with Problems) he works with men whose achievements and financial successes have not created the rewarding, joyful, and fulfilling life and business they desire.  

Alex is now living what he calls the vacation life, it’s a life filled with joy, passion, love, and commitments but with an overriding sense of ease.  His business is better than ever, yet he works less than ever, and his clients' lives, businesses, and relationships are thriving.  He has created a loving partnership with a radiant, empowered, loving woman (also a coach) Evin Rose, and together they live by the beach in Carlsbad, CA with their dog, Cali, and Cat, Tucker.  
(Spots are Limited)

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Bob Conlin's evolution was different…


At the age of seven, Bob’s father went to work one day and never came home. His father unexpectedly passed away leaving behind his wife and two sons. Being so young Bob did not have the emotional capacity to deal with such a devastating loss.  However, a seed was planted that would shape the trajectory of his life. Bob learned that the men you love will leave you. So don’t get close to them. With this seed of grief, Bob began to build a wall around himself to prevent further hurt. Relationships with Men became dangerous.

Friendships with men were built around drinking and drug use, surface level, and meaningless. Relying solely on himself, the crushing weight of self-sufficiency caught up to Bob in his early 30s. Going through divorce at the same time nearly losing his life abusing drugs and alcohol he arrived at the proverbial crossroads broken.


Bob was faced with two choices. Face his character defects and process the grief of his father’s death or continue on his path of self-sufficient destruction.  Bob learned the hardest lesson he has ever learned. He learned how to ask for help. Getting sober in 2007 laid the foundation for Bob’s healing and self-development work. During these early experiences in recovery, Bob learned about the importance of helping others and the altruistic gifts he inherently possessed. This is his purpose in life.

In 2016, Bob left a successful twenty year career in healthcare to pursue his Ontological coach training with Accomplishment Coaching, Landmark education, Whetstone and the Gottman Institute.

He stepped into his heart, leadership, authenticity and brilliance to become the founder of Conlin Coaching, LLC, co-created The Living In Love Incubator with his wife, and launched an eight week crucible called The Alchemy of Men. Bob is the author of Why My Relationships Suck, and co-author of Mastering the Game of Life and Speaking from Our Hearts Volume 10. Bob works with his own coaches, mentors, therapists, and sponsors to continue to grow as the man he is committed to being.

He works with his clients to create exceptional relationships with themselves, those they love, and those they impact. Bob’s client’s achieve levels of success thought previously impossible. Bob fundamentally believes that our fullest expression of life is experienced with those we are in relationship with and we are in relationship with everything and every one. Bob exists to create powerful relationships with courage and heart.

Bob is the father to a miracle child named Forest and the committed husband to his Goddess wife Shona. They live in Chicago in a historic 100 year old two flat. He is an avid outdoors man and musician. Bob lives a life full of love, abundance, and adventure. 

The House:
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