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"...In Fictional Authenticity, Alex guides us through life-affirming practices to powerfully shift from where you are to where we'd like to be."

-David Ji.  Award Winning Author of Sacred Powers, Secrets of Meditation, and Desressifying 

Fictional Authenticity

Release Your Past,
Start Living Your Real Life

Alex Terranova


"Alex genuinely strives to make people's lives better, and he's committed to practicing what he preaches; He walks the talk because he's done - and continues doing - the work.  And that makes all the difference in the world."

-Robert Mack - Positive Psychology Expert, Author of Happiness from the Inside Out, and Love From The Inside Out

From asshole to transformation junkie, Alex Terranova's journey to change his life wasn't easy. In fact, transforming from flippant restaurant-opening playboy to self-loving, self-aware coach for high performers simply wasn't predictable.At 32-years-old, Alex woke up. He saw his life, his story, and who he was for what it was...complete bullshit. Inspired by fictional influences and pop culture icons and media like Saved By The Bell, The Godfather, and Michael Jordan, Alex created his life by becoming the resigned charismatic "Cool Guy" who got the girl. And while it looked authentic and great, in fact his work of fiction left him feeling empty, unsatisfied, and miserable.Fictional Authenticity will call you out on your bullshit. Read about Alex's journey to self-awareness and change, and learn the techniques that he used so that you can do it yourself. This book is your invitation to reflect on your life, vocalize your dreams and take on the actions that will support you to separate from your Fictionally Authentic life and create the life of your dreams.


"Tired of abiding by a narrative of your life that you didn’t write? Want real confidence, more success, the ability to be creative on demand, and to communicate powerfully and effectively? Alex Terranova’s new book Fictional Authenticity will support you to break down mental barriers, patterns, and habits so you can create a life and business you are passionate about.  


As a self-proclaimed recovering asshole, Alex grew tired of a successful life that was coupled with feelings of emptiness and misery. By digging deep into his own story, he regained self-awareness and redirected his life by creating bulletproof steps to success. Since rewriting his narrative, Alex has worked with hundreds of people and companies to do the same through his personal and professional coaching services at DreamMason®️ Consulting

Fictional Authenticity is a must-read if you’re ready to win and thrive on your own terms."


-Thrive Global


What Readers Are Saying:

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Alex Terranova was a contributing author for The Best Selling Book Redefining Masculinity, Visions for a New Way of Being.  

He joined eight other male authors to explore the topic of masculinity in profoundly personal and powerful expressions of their experiences, past, present, and their desired future for themselves and men in the world.  


In this compilation of insightful essays, our group of thought leaders and men reflect on what shaped their own masculinity. 


Dream with them of a future where masculinity is no longer a topic around the battle of self, but instead embraces a vision of healthy strength and balance, and a strong sense of who you can be as a modern man in a constantly changing and challenging world.

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And Coming Soon...

How Dreams Are Built
By Alex Terranova

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