"Locked on Leadership"

EP56 - “Locked on Leadership”

“Our limitations are self imposed...Just saying you’ve done your best isn’t enough.”

Dave Rosenberg

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Dave Rosenberg is a decorated combat veteran, whose work in sales, and starting/growing various businesses has evolved into a leadership expert, business consultant and professional speaker. He’s been published in Business Solutions Magazines, worked with over 60 companies teaching owners and managers how to better lead employees, and prides himself as an expert on productivity and profitability.

What I love about Dave is his results driven attitude and philosophy. He, like many great minds throughout history, believes our limits are self imposed and we can go further than we believe, it simply requires us to go beyond where we feel comfortable to produce the results we want. Dave believes leadership is a missing component when it comes to growing a successful business, and works to teach business leaders and owners empowered day to day business behaviors and comprehensive leadership.

On this episode of The DreamMason Podcast we discuss:

-What he learned from the military

-Practical Tactical Leadership

-Comprehensive Leadership

-Why a plan is just something to deviate from

-Success despite circumstances

-Plan for success, prepare for what can go wrong

-The Universe will teach you the lesson you need to learn

-Why caring about people is important