"Less is More"

EP62 - “Less is More”

“Mindfulness is essential.”

Ash Kumra

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Our guest today has spoken at TedX, interviewed over five hundred influential people,

including Dr. Oz, world renowned consultant Bedros Keulian, Dr. Drew, author Jason Capital, and boxing phenom Alexis Rocha. He’s a global speaker, entrepreneur, meditation coach, national radio host, and the CEO of Youngry. I am excited to introduce you to Ash Kumra. Ash is committed to supporting others to achieve success through entrepreneurship, meditation and mentorship.

On this episode of The DreamMason Podcast we discuss:

-The importance of who you surround yourself with

-Creating success, but lacking fulfillment

-Mindfulness and meditation

-Mentorship, Vision boards, and the Law of Attraction

-Mindfulness to increase performance

-Importance of breath-work

-Less is more

-Living for happiness

-Living your purpose

-Relationships & Family

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