Inspiring an Empire of BossBabes with Bree Holland

Ep118 - Inspiring an Empire of BossBabes

"Your life can be extraordinary and you can still get help."

Bree Holland

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Bree Holland is a beast! She's a 30-year old mother of 3 small children, a partner to her fiancé of 10 years, who she recently retired, an inspiration and mentor to tons of women, a modern-day entrepreneur, and one of the most authentic humans I've ever had the pleasure of

Bree Holland Blushing Confidence and Alex Terranova and The DreamMason Podcast


On this episode of The DreamMason Podcast we discuss:

-Letting go and creating what's next

-Relationships and partnership

-Taking personal responsibility for your life

-Therapy as a structure of support even when things are going well

-Numbing pain, drugs, stripping, and an abusive relationship

-Why being authentic changes lives

-Turning your weaknesses into strengths

-Keys to success

-Lean into hard and embracing the suck

-The experience of coaching with Alex Terranova