The Antidote to Perfectionism with Lisa Pachence

Ep124 - The Antidote to Perfectionism with Lisa Pachence

"Who are your people? Who are your champions?"

Lisa Pachence

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Lisa Pachence is a Leadership Coach empowering women to UNLEASH their leadership, a lover of life, a recovering perfectionist, and has trained some of the best coaches on the planet!

On this episode of The DreamMason Podcast we discuss:

Alex Terranova and Lisa Pachence on The DreamMason Podcast

-The myth that we should be happy

-Not being able to freely express emotions

-There is no growth without pain

-The 6 Types of perfectionism

-Therapy and healing

-Your parents did the best they could


-Practices to break up perfection

-7 Levels of Why

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Lisa Pachence