The Dating Adventure Experiment

As you read about this experiment please notice, while it might have started as a fun dating experiment it is truly about following desire, chasing inspiration, doing things that light you up because when you do that it creates space, and space becomes a vacuum for possibility. When you shut down, close off, judge, assess, think too much, live from fear, doubt, shoulds, or have toos you seal yourself off from possibility and everything magical about life!  If you don't like your job, cold calls, getting clients, how your marriage is going, the experience you are having dating, with finances, or even your relationship to food, exercise, your body, or sex, this experiment is a demonstration that we can reinvent, recreate, and reimagine anything.

Want to learn more about creating a life from inspiration, love, fun, adventure, desire, joy, and pleasure while also getting the results you want?  Or just want to know more 




Alex and his team will be in touch with opportunities and resources to support you.

So You Wanna Go To Tulum

Who Am I...

Hi, I'm Alex Terranova, I'm a single 39-year-old Coach, Author, Podcaster, Wiener Dog Dad to Cali, 90% Plant-Based, Mezcal & Tequila Lover, a Recovering Asshole, and an avid Hot Yoga, Gym & Peloton user. I love to travel, am super creative in the kitchen, and I read like someone's burning the last of the books. I also really believe in working on yourself mentally and spiritually so if you are opposed to coaching, personal growth, therapy, or spirituality we probably don't make sense. I've never been married, I want to get married, and I have no kids.

If you want to know more about me check me out on IG @InspirationalAlex, read my books (Fictional Authenticity or my Chapter in Redefining Masculinity), listen to The DreamMason Podcast, The Frequency Shifters Show, or just visit the home page of this site.

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The Full...Short Story!

In 2020 I booked a trip to Tulum for a good friend's wedding. I bought two tickets, booked an epic hotel on the beach, and planned for a 2 week trip with my then-girlfriend. 


As often happens, that relationship did not work out. The next one didn't either. And all of this with 2020 as the backdrop. The wedding got postponed, I kept dating, meeting people yet it's now July 2021 and I am still single...

And looking for a date to Tulum...

A free trip to Tulum with me, a guy you don't know. This is either reality TV or crazy. But that's what's awesome. I love a good story and I'm, well we are creating one. 


We meet people in all sorts of ways and 99% of the time the people we meet and date are dead ends. And even when we have success dating and we get married 50% of those end up in divorce. So is there even a right way to date and do this?


So let's try something different. 

And while I have no idea how this experiment will go, I know it will be a fun adventure and we'll create an amazing story



The opportunity to apply ended on 8/13/21.

More info coming soon...

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If you're thinking this is wild, but I wanna go, there are a few details that we gotta hammer out.

  • You have to have a valid passport

  • You do not have any mental or physical ailments or illness that could impair your ability to go on this trip and have a good time.

  • You are Female and Single

  • You have to get yourself to San Diego, CA if you don't live here as the flight is out of Tijuana, just south of San Diego.

  • You must be available for the whole 12-day trip. (Dates will be given to those that apply it's in Oct)

  • You drink alcohol but are not an alcoholic.

  • You are fun and adventurous.

  • There is only one room, so you gotta be cool with that. 

  • You are willing to be vetted by at least 2 of my best female friends.

  • You are not going just to get a free trip but actually down to see if you connect with me on a deeper level. Obviously, neither of us can guarantee anything.

  • While it may seem obvious this trip is about fun and I am not bound to take you if you apply and you are not bound to come if you are selected. 

The Kicker

I'm not going to choose who goes with me!!!!​



At this point in my life I'm willing to take a big chance and say that I haven't made the best dating selections in my life.  So in service of a better result, I'm letting some of my wisest, loving, and best friends/family pick for me.


Melanie aka Mel

Founder of Chief Executive Angel

One of my best friends.  

We traveled together to Belize & Sedona


Founder of Be Radical

My Cousin  

She knows where all the bodies are buried



Sex Coach

I was sold on our friendship when I heard him say,

"From the Boardroom to the Bedroom!" 


Dr. Ben

Founder of Live for Yourself Consulting

My friend, business colleague

The rational one in this group



Founder of Artisan Farmacy

One of my best friends

We created The Frequency Shifters Show together

Have traveled together to Joshua Tree and Sedona

The opportunity to apply ended on 8/13/21.

The Decision

I'm flattered and excited that you are interested in going to Tulum with me.  This whole process is pretty wild! Thanks for having the courage to put yourself out there. 


The 5 people (my friends and family) who will be making this decision are committed to creating a good match, respecting your time, this process being a fun experience, and it going well for everyone involved.  


Disclaimer:  This is not a business or a professional contest.  This is a fun experiment in dating.  Neither Alex nor the selectors are bound to choose you (the applicant) or any applicants.  The intention is not to simply have a "winner" but to actually create a situation where both parties enjoy a pleasant and fun trip together.  If the selectors or Alex believe that isn't possible with a specific application or all the applicants they are not bound to choose someone.  If you are chosen you are also not bound to go.  More details, inquiries, and connections between you and Alex and the selectors will follow before this process is complete.  


Thank you so much for jumping in on this dating and travel experiment experience.