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Ryan Montes,
Financial Planner

San Diego, CA

Hillary Hittner
Human Life Designer, Doula & a Mother

Brooklyn, NY

Norm Lanier 
Entrepreneur & a Father

Houston, TX

Ashton "The Goat" Buswell
Entrepreneur, ECommerce, Sales & a Father

San Diego, CA

"Alex Terranova has been an incredible force of betterment in my life as a client of his coaching practice. He has a compassionate yet direct approach to coaching that has enabled me to bring several focuses of my life from a place of dream-state to consistent and effective action. He harnesses the intentions I have for my life and weaves them into actions that have left me feeling incredibly empowered in my life and does all of this with a sense of joy and possibility! I would encourage anyone to gift themselves with the powerful experience of coaching by Alex. You will thank yourself later!"

"I have been running my own photography business for about 10 years now and I feel pretty confident in my work and business but I have been wanting to take it to the next level.  Working with Alex has really opened my eyes to looking further into my business future and achieving goals that I thought were out of reach. He gave me the foundation I needed to create a structured plan to achieve and surpass these goals. Alex is also a super nice guy and has become a great friend.  He is easy to talk to and helps you to think about the big pictures in life.  Working with Alex exceeded my expectations and I recommend him to anyone who is ready to make improvements in their life."

Susan, Professional
New York, NY

Allison, Regional
San Diego, CA

Gina Williams
Business Owner & a Mother
San Diego, CA

David Boyle
Executive Coach, Artist & a Father
North Carolina

Andrew Swazye
Gym Owner & Personal Trainer

San Diego, CA

Shona Moeller
Educator, Professional Coach & a Mother

Chicago, IL


Eduction Administration, Entrepreneur & a Grandmother

 Paradise, CA 

"I met Alex at a conference and felt a connection, what an amazing young man. Then we connected through life coaching; I have learned so very much about myself and learned to accept myself and challenge my view of my life. I have learned to look within and mentally adjust my outlook, because of Alex's gentle challenge. He is an insightful individual and will bring it out in you, take it on; you are so worth it. Challenge your self. Thank you Alex! makes it interesting?"

Gym Owner, Personal Trainer & a Father
New York, NY

"I honestly can't thank Alex Enough for his incredible coaching. I truly believe he's done more for my Marraige in 90 min than I've done in 8 years. He's also given me a fresh perspective on how I run my business and helped me realize that the sky's the limit. Thank you again Alex!! You are truly The DreamMason."

"I honestly can't thank Alex Enough for his incredible coaching. I truly believe he's done more for my Marraige in 90 min than I've done in 8 years. He's also given me a fresh perspective on how I run my business and helped me realize that the sky's the limit. Thank you again Alex!! You are truly The DreamMason."

Jordan D.
Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner

San Diego, CA

Erin Markosky
Sales, Online Biz Owner, Entrepreneur & a Mother
Nomad, Global


Angela M.
CEO & Founder of Fit City Adventures

San Diego, CA

Davidson Hang
Senior Transformational Consultant

New York, NY

Andrew Swazy, Gym Owner, Personal Trainer, Podcaster
San Diego, CA

Davidson Hang
Senior Transformational Consultant

New York, NY

New York, NY

"there was something missing in my life, I just didn't know what.  Upon meeting Alex, his style of approaching things and presenting them to me allowed me to completely open up to the process. When I was stuck or wanted to revert to my old ways Alex guided me with open arms until I was able to move on.  I accomplished a lot of things that I didn't think I could and many I didn't know I wanted to. Therefore discovering a new me. Looking back at our journey together the greatest gift of all was learning how to love and care about myself.  I no longer wanted to be like this or that person.  I no longer thought that by doing certain things or acting a certain way I would become someone I approved of.  I became the version of me I always wanted to be. Having self respect, admiration but most importantly self love."


Wellness Entrepreneur

 Santa Monica, CA  

"As my coach, Alex Terranova has offered me a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and support.  

He has provided tools to help me get through personal challenges and to rise above any situation. He is a thorough listener; always suggesting ideas to spark strength and excitement from within. He supports me to create action, by acting as a springboard for my own goals and dreams. 
Alex's direct and to the point approach is brightened by his own personal discovery which serves to build relationships on kindness, trust, and true understanding. I highly recommend bringing Alex into your life as a coach. He will guide you to be your very best self so that you may take on everything that this beautiful world has to offer."

Jen Weber
Nursing, Medical Professional & a Mother

Raquel Figlo
Public Relations
Newport Beach, CA

Erin Markosky
Sales, Online Biz Owner, Entrepreneur & a Mother
Nomad, Global


Sarah Ayre
Mindset Coach, Water Girl & Entrepreneur

Nomad, Global

Nico Powell

Pensacola, Florida

Stephanie Jones
Steph Yoga

San Diego, CA

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Mercedes C.

Business Owner & Chiropractor 
San Diego, CA

 "If you're looking to make massive growth personally and professionally and don't know where to start then stop right now and call Alex. I reached out to him because I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck as a new business owner and I knew that I needed to make some changes personally and professionally.


I LOVE his coaching approach.


I love that how he makes his clients feel so supported and never judged.


He helps you understand and identify why things are the way they are and then how to move forward with a better mindset, perspective and enthusiasm.


After one call I was honestly so excited to get to work and start showing up for the world and my community more than ever." 

Sandra B.
Insurance Services
San Diego, CA

"I have the privilege of listening to Alex's wisdom every week. He has a passion for helping people reach their

goals and make their dreams realities.


If you have not read his book "Fictional Authenticity release your past,

start living your real life", then I suggest you make this your next read."

Jesse Camen, O.D

Owner Camen Eye Care, Optometrist, 
Riverside, CA

"Alex is that breath of fresh air that a lot of us could use in our lives right now! He will challenge you - not to offend you, but rather to push you into seeing things different and helping you find your true self. His intentions are of kindness and a genuine want to help people.


Plus he's just super rad guy...

Check him out, you won't be disappointed."


Betsy H.
Massage Therapist
San Diego, CA

"Alex has made me stop and think about the things that hold me back in a way I never had before. His manner is gentle but strong and I feel 100 % supported when I talk with him. He is an incredible ally in good times and bad and his ability to look at a situation or behavior from 10,000 feet really makes a difference!"

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 1.20.32 PM.png

Fernando & Yasmine M.

 Oceanside, CA 

"We live through so many stresses, obstacles and troubles day in and day out and Alex is such a bright light no matter what. He listens and provides unparalleled GUIDANCE and ADVICE to get you to your goals, whether its

personal or business. He keeps you accountable which we all need to stay on our path of success. Highly recommend to everyone no matter your situation even if you feel you are already in a great place in your life why not talk to Alex and have him make sure you will stay there. Give him a call!"

DeAndrea B.
Insurance Services & a Mother
San Diego, CA

"If you are searching for quidance in your business or life, do not hesitate to contact Alex Terranova. Just do it.  You will LOVE his sincerity and seamless ability to help you see the possibilities that are out there.


One of his strengths in particular, is his ability to awaken your desire to be your best self. He teaches that discipline matters, commitment matters, integrity matters, self care matters. Why? Because these are things I can

be responsible for and control.


I don't want to spoil your experience by sharing his secrets, but I can tell you that you will be grateful to call him

a friend and coach. I do!"

Ashley O.

Business Consultant & a Mother 

San Diego, CA 

"Alex, is not only amazing individual, he is an awesome coach. He helps you see things from a different perspective. He genuinely cares and is passionate about others. He has impacted me on a personal and business level. Alex, thank you for taking the time to invest in others!"

Daniel M.
Divorce Law Attorney & a Father
San Diego, CA

"I am a Divorce Attorney so I often counsel clients who are going through difficult times to seek outside help. In one instance, I counseled a client to seek Alex's help as she was having difficulty taking a step (or two) in her

career path. She just had a mental block that she could not overcome. After meeting with Alex, we spoke and she raved about her experience with Alex. Since, I have continued to refer other clients to Alex."

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 1.23.17 PM.png

Chad D.


La Jolla, CA 

"Alex strives to help you be honest with yourself and intern successful in establishing and reaching your goals, in life, love and business"

Elena A.
Founder & CEO 
Los Angeles, CA

"Alex Terranova is one of the best coaches I know. His partnership and ability to be direct with a client gives them access to more possibility in their lives. He is a powerful leader in this work and brings an authenticity that is such an example for this world. The thing I admire most about Alex is the fact that he leads by example. Everything his clients have access to is a direct reflection on the work he has done himself. That for me is pure gold. I would  highly recommend you connect with Alex for a sample session."

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